An Accurate Freight Logistic Master Broker® Reliable in Providing Cost Effective Rates Matched with Affordable Carriers



K.A.L.D. Trucker Broker, LLC. provides an accurate and valuable service for Shippers and Carriers. Our relationships with Carriers allow us to pair our Shippers with hundreds of potential Backhaulers who have multiple equipment types, team operations, etc. Do you need a Step deck, Dry Van, Reefer? Or are you hauling over-dimensional or heavy freight? No Problem. K.A.L.D. Trucker Broker, LLC. will help you out!



Want to pay for only the space you use? LTL shipments use experienced Agents who can negotiate rates; all based on unique characteristics of less-than-truckload shipments. K.A.L.D. Trucker Broker, LLC. has fully trained, developed rate negotiating techniques that are used to guarantee the right, “carrier-to-load” matches. Try us out and see what we can do for you!



Do you have a Partial load or a shipment between 8k and 20k lbs? Get the same time for deliveries as full truckload shipments... while paying less than truckload rates! Let K.A.L.D. Trucker Broker, LLC. Master Broker® find the perfect Carriers to haul your cargo for the rates you want to pay! Just give us a call!

K.A.L.D. Trucker Broker, LLC.
is building strong relationships
with Shippers & Carriers to
deliver dynamic personal services.

A Master Broker® in Freight Transport & Freight Forwarding

K.A.L.D. Trucker Broker, LLC. is a Freight Logistics Master Broker® who works with Shippers, Traffic Managers, Purchasing Managers, Motor Carriers, Freight Forwarders, etc., throughout America. K.A.L.D. Trucker Broker, LLC. is dedicated to providing Clients with cost-effective shipping solutions. By working with a Master Broker® in the Transport industry you can be assured of competitive work to find the right Carriers for the price you want to pay. If you want to keep your productivity high by eliminating the time-consuming headache of shopping around for Motor Carriers, then contact K.A.L.D. Trucker Broker, LLC. for a FREE quote!



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K.A.L.D. Trucker Broker, LLC. doesn't believe in limitations. If you need more than one option for how to Ship your freight, K.A.L.D. Trucker Broker, LLC. had got you covered! Ocean Freight Forwarding is offered for those who love to "sail the open seas."

Got a huge shipment that needs more than a few trucks? Why hire a fleet when you can ship your load all on one Train? K.A.L.D. Trucker Broker, LLC. will have you clackin' along faster than the sound of a 'Toot-toot'! Just ask about our Track Freight Forwarding.

"Look! The Plane! The Plane!" Must be a Plane, with your shipment! K.A.L.D. Trucker Broker, LLC. is happy to offer Air Freight Forwarding for all of your 'high flying over Paradise' needs.

Services Provided

K.A.L.D. Trucker Broker, LLC. offers quality service for both Shippers and Carriers.
A Master Broker® here to make your shipping and load-finding needs a bit easier.

Friendly Service

K.A.L.D. Trucker Broker, LLC has over 20 years of traffic management and customer service training, to ensure you have a pleasant experience with us.

Free Quotes

With K.A.L.D Trucker Broker, LLC. you get FREE QUOTES for any shipment or load you ask about.


K.A.L.D. Trucker Broker, LLC. is dedicated to offering you the best rates, without using 3PLs.

Quality Assurance

K.A.L.D. Trucker Broker, LLC. is a company you can rely on for making sure your load is very carefully handled and delivered by only the best Carriers.

Agent Specialist

A Master Broker® with specialized training is why K.A.L.D. Trucker Broker, LLC. is able to offer you the very best rates around.

Freight Forwarding

K.A.L.D. Trucker Broker, LLC. offers a wide variety of Freight Forwarding, including: via Air, Track, & Ocean.

Insurance Verification

K.A.L.D. Trucker Broker, LLC. is very careful about who is used to ship your load. That's why Insurance Verification is offered for all coverages.

Forwarding Experts

K.A.L.D. Trucker Broker, LLC. is a leading expert in Specialized Freight Forwarding, via Air, Track, or Ocean.

Why Should You Choose K.A.L.D. Trucker Broker, LLC.?

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K.A.L.D. Trucker Broker, LLC. is a company committed to bringing you the best rates availableOur Team of professionally trained Agents will do our best to bring 'Backhaul' Carriers home, and Shippers a better rate as a result! Why deal with multiple 3PLS who'll only bankrupt your company? Our Brokerage is a direct link from Shipper to Carrier; in less than half the time with higher savings.


  • The owners of KALD Trucking are very professional and reliable. They always take the time to make sure that each and every load not only makes it to its destination, but that it makes it there safely and intact. I will definitely be using KALD for all of my trucking needs.

  • K.A.L.D strives for excellence, professionalism and great business practices. Choosing K.A.L.D for my trusted resource to expand my business was the best decision. K.A.L.D proves to be a true example of great quality service.

    Thank you K.A.L.D

  • I have known Lesa Bratton  for several years. She worked  closely with my husband  in the trucking industry.  Lesa has been in the industry for over 20 years at the start of working  for a popular trailer lease company.

    She has a passion for this trucking industry and enjoys her work. This is not just a business for her, it's a lifestyle. Her family's own business KALD Trucker broker LLC treats you as if you're a part of them. Your products are viewed as their personal products.

    Come join a company that is set aside like no other that I have seen. Don't take my word for it, sign up today and see for yourself.

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