We are committed to helping Shippers send their valuable freight through our brokering services. Our team takes pleasure in our work, and we strive for perfection in everything we do. Excellence is not an act for us, but a habit! With our quality service assurance, we continue to maintain open communication with our drivers and persist with integrity and awareness...all with the result of a profitable partnership for all.

Our main goal has always been to increase the income of our Clients while helping them maintain optimal levels of productivity!

  • Passionate About Brokering
  • Experienced Quality Service
  • Driven and Dedicated

Meet the Team

We are a family-owned company and we pride ourselves on being able to give our clients that specialized one-on-one attention that many larger companies just aren't able to provide due to their size.


Lesa Bratton, Owner & CEO
Mrs. Lesa is an incredible lady of many talents!  With several years of experience in the transportation industry overall, now she has officially added Master Broker® to her already extensive skills set.

Her professionalism and organization skills are simply amazing. With several years of Dispatching as an Executive Officer, working directly with over 400 CDL drivers, her skills of finding the Shipper/Carrier you need are unrivaled.

If a Shipper needs a Carrier pronto, or a Carrier needs a load home, Mrs. Lesa is the one you want to connect you!


Darnell Bratton, CFO
Darnell is hard working in this industry. He has been a truck owner for over 8 years.

When it comes to finding the right drivers that are loyal, reliable and credible he's the person to contact.

He is a complete wiz with numbers, Darnell is the man you want to help you keep those rates just where you want – and need – them to be!

What better way to make sure our clients see the numbers they like best?


Keenan Bratton, Transportation Manager
Keenan has been in the transportation industry for many years, either working for a large corporation shipping or manufacturers.

He is well experienced with heavy haul equipment from (tractor, forklift, Sheeders for Kubota and John Deere). Now Keenan has added a CDL operator for Semi trucks to his list.

He also has worked for FEDEX in their Shipper & receiving moving importation merchandise and Grocery Supply Company.

Lets put Keenan to the test to do what he does best, on moving forward in his freight career as our transportation manager to move your freight.


Darrell Bratton, Marketing Director
Darrell Bratton is well known for his young wisdom. Working for this industry learning the ends and out of this business has allowed Darrell to continue to grow.

Taking care of customers with a special touch is what excites him the most.

Allow Darrell to keep your freight moving in the right direction.